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The Longevity of Radio: An Interview with 2Fm presenter and UL graduate Ruth Scott


RUTH Scott is one of Ireland’s most popular radio DJs and she’s also a former student of UL. An Focal caught up with her recently to see how it feels to have a regular slot on Ireland’s biggest radio station and more.

We met her in the lobby of a hotel, before her appearance at the Halloween Ball, and she was wearing a bright pink princess dress. “I’m ready to go, can’t you see by my gúna?” she laughed. Her friendly demeanor is exactly what you’d expect from listening to her on the radio. But what made her want to become a DJ in the first place? “I originally thought I wanted to be a journalist or work in law because I seemed to be able to string a sentence together” Ruth began. “I applied for Communications in DCU but I didn’t get enough points and I ended up going to UL to do European Studies. My cousin was in UL at the time and she said, ‘Oh do European Studies. It’s great fun!’ and that’s pretty much why I ended up in UL” she continued.

It was only when I was in 3rd year that I got involved with the Radio Society.” she added. “I entered the ‘DJ for a day’ competition and I won. That’s when I realised that maybe I could do this. So I tried to get as much experience as possible with local radio stations. So it’s not that I wanted to work in radio, I kind of fell into it”.

And when did her “big break” arrive? Was it the time she spent in local radio trying to gain experience? “I turned up to a meeting [for the Radio Society] and I was the only female there. They said that since they needed X percentage of females and that I was it. So I did a lot of radio for the while and I think that was my big break. After that I sent my tape into ‘DJ for a Day’ and it all spiraled from there.”

Other forms of media have come and have proved to be more popular than radio but yet it endures. We asked Ruth if knew why radio is so reluctant to let go and become obsolete? “It is still surviving but I wouldn’t say it’s going strong. The ratings have shown that the number of people who are listening to radio in Ireland has decreased. Sorry, what was the question again?” she asked. She seemed slightly worried when discussing the ratings and the longevity of radio.

Ruth has helped many charities over the years, we wondered what inspired her to get involved? “It’s awful easy for me in one regard. I do a lot of stuff for charity because, I guess, I can. I probably have more spare time than most people. If you can draw attention to a cause and you can do it easily without any major hassle and it’s something you’re into, you’d be mad not to! I probably spread myself a bit too thinly sometimes with charity things but I do whatever I can.” she says. “Sure I do shag all else with my life.” she laughs.

All of this work must really take it’s toll, does she ever feel under pressure? “All the time.” she says with a nod. “It’s a really fun job. I love working with Paddy McKenna! The two of us go in and we just chat and laugh and he’s such a lovely person. That’s all really fun but there are time when it takes it’s toll. For example, when the listener ship figures are out each year you do feel like you’re under a magnifying glass. It doesn’t seem to be a pressure job but there’s more to it than us just sitting in a room joshing. I love it, though.”

You can listen to Ruth and Paddy McKenna on Saturday at 4 and on Sunday at 2 on 2FM.


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