15C Who is the Sartorialist

Who is the Sartorialist?

WHO or what is “The Sartorialist”?

I have recently become an avid follower of this fashion blog, an online revelation that has grown rapidly in popularity in recent years.

Nowadays, fashion blogging has become popular.

The Sartorialist is unique in the sense that it aims to incorporate high end fashion into everyday life and that is why it has the reputation of being so respected in the fashion blogging world.

Some people have a particular website they check immediately when they go online.

For some, it is Facebook and for others it may be the Daily Mail. I, however, have become so attached to The Sartorialist and its alluring posts that it is now my new homepage.

One of the most interesting aspects of this blog is that is written by a male.

Most popular fashion blogs are written by women which makes The Sartorialist stand out from its many competitors.

Its focus is mainly on fashion photography which the creator, Scott Schuman, began as something of a hobby after leaving a fashion sales position to look after his daughter.

The primary aim of The Sartorialist was to create a two way dialogue between the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life.

Some may consider it as the bridge between the clothes and the people. What attracts people to certain fashions? What can someone’s outfit say about them? What styles are popular in different countries? A simple photo can answer all of these questions because as the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words.

Schuman has captured fashion in places such as Milan and Paris and with subjects ranging from the legendary Karl Lagerfeld to the ordinary person.

This can be seen daily on his blog along with many other exciting features.

One of my personal favourites is the collection of vintage photographs from different eras.

It is the perfect resource for some style inspiration and also makes for some nice vintage photography around the house. The fashion shows section is also particularly interesting as it showcases both the fashions on the runway and the fashions of the people who attend the shows.

Perhaps this is where designers drew some of their inspiration from. This is a concept which Schuman was keen to explore when he began this blog.

Even though Schuman has had immense success, it is the origin of his journey that is most compelling.

Schuman’s goal was to capture fashion in a way that designers sought inspiration and I think the Sartorialist has definitely achieved that.

This is not just your average fashion blog as it is almost a window into the origin of where fashion comes from and its relevance in daily life.

Marie Enright




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