Aisling O Connor

Aisling O Connor 2018-04-19

A women-led collection of creative writing is due to be released this April with a launch event in UL. The event will take place at the Art and Autonomy Conference in the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance on April 20th. The time of the event is to be confirmed. The proceeds from the […]

Aisling O Connor 2018-04-15

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar discussed the referendum after an Ireland 2040 briefing in the University of Limerick on Friday the 13th of April. Mr Leo Varadkar encouraged the electorate to vote yes in the upcoming referendum on the 8th amendment. After the conference, the Taoiseach said that repealing the 8th amendment would allow a termination up […]

Aisling O Connor 2018-04-15

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar held a Project Ireland 2040 briefing this morning in the University of Limerick. Chancellor of UL Mary Harney, Minister Patrick O’Donovan, Minister Eoin Murphy, and Minister Mary Mitchell O’Connor were also present at the briefing. Chancellor Harney introduced the discussion by saying that students will benefit from Ireland 2040. Minister of State […]

Aisling O Connor 2018-04-06

Most people are never without their phone anymore and although keeping up Snapchat streaks and looking at cute dogs on Instagram are great time-killers, there are plenty of free or cheap apps available to better your physical and mental health. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best apps for your mind, body, and soul. […]

Aisling O Connor 2018-03-09

Students and cooking are two words not commonly associated with each other, nor are students known to eat particularly healthy. We all have to tighten our belts and wallets from time to time and try to live off 25 cent Aldi instant noodles, but the chances are, if you’re eating crap, then you’re going to […]

Aisling O Connor 2018-03-09

Gym memes are a popular phenomenon on social media. We’ve all seen videos of people doing things wrong in the gym and most of the responses to them are people finding it funny, but is gym shaming really okay? An Focal conducted a Twitter survey to find out how students felt about gym memes and […]

Aisling O Connor 2018-03-08

Rise and Repeal began at 12:12pm on March 8th, International Women’s Day, with a minutes silence for the 12 women a day who fly to the UK for abortions. The event was organized by the University of Limerick’s Feminist Society. “We are here at this bridge to support anyone who has gone to England for […]

Aisling O Connor 2018-03-07

It’s been one hundred years since Irish women were granted the right to vote – albeit only women over thirty with property or a university education were the given the opportunity. However, this was the start that was needed to push forward to extend the right to vote to all women, as it stands today. […]

Aisling O Connor 2018-02-27

University of Limerick students have created a petition on to keep Dr Graham Price working in UL. The petition explains that Dr Price is being let go and that his current and former students are sad to see “such a great lecturer go.” “Throughout the years Graham has been there for all of us, […]

Aisling O Connor 2018-02-25

   *Trigger Warning: Sexual assault*   It’s almost Charity Week, a week for giving and week for partying. It’s important to protect yourself and others, not only during Charity Week but all the time. Last year’s consent classes had to be canceled due to low sign up rates, however, at the recent ULSU AGM, it […]