Editor 2018-11-08

Dear Editor,   Let me begin this letter by saying that I am a feminist.   However, I believe that what sets me apart from some is that I am an activist, also.   I invite you to cast your mind back to the Tuesday of the University of Limerick’s Fresher’s Week.   Whilst most […]

Editor 2018-10-19

Maguires Pitch 1 UL 2-5 DCU 0-11   UL came from behind to earn their first point of the Division 2 ladies football league. This game was a slow burner initially which may have been due to the fact that the game started half an hour late as the referee arrived late. Both teams employed […]

Editor 2018-09-13

Hi everyone! My name is Darren and this year I’ll be taking over as Editor of An Focal. Ever since I started in UL I’ve always been passionate about student media, be it with An Focal or in my role as Station Manager of ULFM. I take a great amount of pride in being able […]

Editor 2018-04-23

Over 400 staff and students from colleges across Ireland took part in the annual Board of Irish College Societies (BICS) Awards; held in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Cork on Friday 13th April. This event sees student college societies, from all over the country, compete against each other for awards in 13 different categories. One of […]

Editor 2018-04-21

  “The bicycles are definitely the most stolen personal item on campus,” said University of Limerick Security Division Head John McDonnell as he recalled an incident where bike thieves tried to steal a bicycle worth nearly €1,500 but did not manage to do so. Mr McDonnell spoke about how a student rushed into a bike […]

Editor 2018-04-19

A women-led collection of creative writing is due to be released this April with a launch event in UL. The event will take place at the Art and Autonomy Conference in the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance on April 20th. The time of the event is to be confirmed. The proceeds from the […]

Editor 2018-04-18

The newly elected President of the Postgraduate Students’ Union (PSU), Dean Lillis, has single-handedly organised for the students of his Human Rights class to visit the International Criminal Court in The Hague. When Dean is not too busy trying to be the best class representative he can be, he is sliding into challenges while trying […]

Editor 2018-04-17

UL Ultimate Frisbee Club, UL Ninjas, have won three of the most prestigious tournaments in Ireland this semester. For the first time since the foundation of the club, UL have taken the title for Outdoor Intervarsities and Women’s Developmental’s. This semester also marked UL Ninjas’ fourth consecutive win at Men’s Developmental’s. Captain of the Men’s […]

Editor 2018-04-16

The advent of new technology has disrupted nearly every segment of society, and the education sector is not immune. In recent years, there has been an influx of learning apps, knowledge sharing websites and YouTube tutorials that facilitate and enrich the learning experience. The developments in technology have transformed students’ learning experience, but there is […]

Editor 2018-04-15

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar discussed the referendum after an Ireland 2040 briefing in the University of Limerick on Friday the 13th of April. Mr Leo Varadkar encouraged the electorate to vote yes in the upcoming referendum on the 8th amendment. After the conference, the Taoiseach said that repealing the 8th amendment would allow a termination up […]