Editor 2012-03-20

THIS summer will see the eyes of the world turn to two major sporting events. The London 2012 Olympics and the Euro 2012 football championship will hold many transfixed, however these spectacles are likely to be the only thing that is rose tinted this summer. Both will cost the host countries millions in infrastructure, improvements […]

Editor 2012-03-19

ELECTION Week 2012 has begun. The candidates running for election are: Deputy President/Welfare Officer: Cathal Ronan (4th Year BA (Joint Honours) Criminal Justice and Economics), Kelly O’Brien (Incumbent CO) and William Jennings (4th year BBS) President: Adam Moursey (3rd Year Law Plus), David Hartery (4th Year Law Plus) and Eamonn Horgan (4th Year Civil Engineering) Vice President/Academic Officer: […]

Editor 2012-03-15

Unfortunate choice of venue blamed THE UGM held on Monday, Week 8, failed to reach quorum. Classrooms in the University with capacity of 200 or more were unavailable, which resulted in the UGM of ULSU and the AGM of ULSU Services Ltd being held in the Stables Bar. The 70 students in attendance were critical […]

Editor 2012-02-15

IS AN “ethical capitalism” desirable or possible? In response to global economic difficulty, particularly the continued emergence of allegations of corruption or failures of regulation, many have posited that an emergence of a new business culture and social mores would prevent a repeat of the recession that has blighted the last five years. However, such […]

Editor 2012-02-13

  The University of Limerick Debating Union celebrated success at two prestigious competitions recently, with Auditor Sarah Hardiman (2nd Year Law Plus) reaching the semi-finals of the Oxford Women’s’ Open, as well as two teams from the society reaching the elimination stages of the Trinity Intervarsity 2012. The Oxford Women’s Open was organised for the […]

Editor 2012-02-13

CONSIDER this: Political parties wanting a more masculine image of power and strength ignore and replace female election candidates with their male counterparts. This scenario would undoubtedly be considered sexist and would generate uproar from feminist and equality quarters. Men pushing aside women candidates in a blasé attempt to create a more desirable image. Surely […]

Editor 2012-02-01

The positions of both Campaigns & Engagement and Communications Officers have been scrapped following today’s Emergency General Meeting. The quorate meeting, which was held in the John Monnet Lecture theatre, continued for quite some time, and is believed to have run for well in excess of three hours. An indepth story and comment will follow […]

Editor 2012-01-25

A PLETHORA of multifaceted upgrades and adjustments have taken place at ULFM over the Christmas break. A complete rearrangement of the studio has taken place with a view to improving the technical efficiency of the station, along with providing an increased level of aesthetics and space for presenters and their guests. Some new equipment and […]

Editor 2012-01-25

  Let me begin be stating that I am not promoting SOPA, PIPA or any form of intent to regulate the internet beyond the bounds of what is democratic, ethical and fair. I am not for censorship for the benefit of any one person, company or political party. Now that this affair is cleared up […]