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Editor 2017-03-08

By Ciara Maria Hayes As a student, living cheap is often the best option, even while getting a grant. The majority of your income, no matter what it is, will most likely go towards food and rent. Sometimes constantly cooking and preparing food can be too time-consuming and exhausting however, especially as the semester comes […]

Editor 2017-03-07

Now that Charity Week is over, you can now see if you’ve accomplished the new level of drunk you wanted to reach or if you even made it past pre-drinks. Your First Night Out Expectation You’re steamed and ready to rock on to county colours to proudly sing your county song (unless you’re from Mayo, […]

Editor 2017-03-02

By Chloe O’Keeffe What is in a year if you can’t reflect 10 years before and realize how old your getting? “OMG I’m hitting 20, roll out the eye creams,” 1. Umbrella – Jay Z & Rihanna 29th of March, 2007 to be precise. 2. Low – Flo Rida My face when I realize that […]

Editor 2017-03-01

By Maxine Bramley 1) Book your taxi’s in advance lads, or ye will learn the hard way You will want to be booking your taxis into town at 2 o clock in the day if you want any chance of making it into town at a reasonable time where you’ll still make it in somewhere. […]

Editor 2017-02-28

As if it isn’t bad enough that you still have to attend classes during a week where sobriety doesn’t exist, there’s always that one lecturer that makes an assignment due during Charity Week. 1. You give up the weekend before Charity Week to complete your assignment – you’ve never been more determined to finish an […]

Editor 2017-02-27

By Rebecca Laffan As we approach this year’s Oscars, let’s quickly recap last year’s ceremony with some relatable af GIFS. Enjoy! 1. When your most boring lecture is saved by a guest speaker 2. When you actually get a decent grade on that disastrous group project 3. When it’s time to present and you actually […]

Editor 2017-02-24

By Eimear Kelly As we all know, Charity Week is only days away so there’s no better time to suggest some hangover cures. Fizzy Drinks You know when you felt sick when you were young and your mom would give you 7up? Maybe it’s all in our heads but it’s worth a try! Energy drinks […]

Editor 2017-02-23

By Aimee Wells It’s important to enjoy the little things in life. And share those moments with the fam in gif form. When A Lecture Is Cancelled When The Crew Wake Up Hangover Free When You Hit Submit On Sulis When Your Bank Balance is Better Than Expected When the Wedges are Good AF When […]

Editor 2017-02-22

By Ciara Maria Hayes 1. Go on a group holiday Some people may have already done this with Leaving Cert holidays becoming increasingly popular but if you haven’t, group holidays can be a great opportunity to explore a new place and meet new people along with your mates. 2. Go to a music festival There’s […]

Editor 2017-02-20

Have an assignment to do while everyone is hitting Costies? We get your fear of missing out (FOMO). 1. You remind yourself that you have to do this assignment. via GIPHY   2. You tell yourself that you’re having far more fun in the library than they are playing beer pong. via GIPHY   3. […]