Editor 2018-03-27

The bond that is created between an athlete and a coach can be considered the most sacred, and it is essential that this relationship is not abused in any shape or form. To build this relationship from strength to strength it is key that the coach has the leadership skills and constantly be improving these […]

Editor 2018-03-22

University of Limerick students have been left outraged after hundreds of students were fined for “un-paid fees”, despite many of them saying they were given no warning that they had overdue fines. The €200 fine was implemented to the students yesterday, and has been given to every student who has yet to pay the entirety […]

Editor 2018-03-21

1 in 5 Irish adults aged 19-25 were experiencing mental health problems in 2013, according to a report by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. The average age of a student fits within this age bracket. The counselling service here in University of Limerick (UL), “Éist”, is under pressure at the moment due to […]

Editor 2018-03-20

Gardaí are investigating after a JCB digger was used in a break-in at a McDonald’s in Limerick. The incident happened at approximately 2.50am this Tuesday morning March 20 at the McDonald’s at the Castletroy Shopping Centre on the Dublin Road. It’s also believed that the burglar/burglars managed to reach the safe and used the digger […]

Editor 2018-03-20

Choosing between living on campus, in digs or renting a house is a tough decision. All of your options have advantages and disadvantages. Having lived on campus for my first year of college, I am here to analyse the advantages and disadvantages of living on campus here at the University of Limerick. Advantages: One of […]

Editor 2018-03-17

University of Limerick’s School of English, Irish, and Communication, in conjunction with the School of Education and Gender Arc @ UL hosted a day-long symposium entitled “Gender, Sexuality, and Citizenship” on Wednesday, 21st February, followed by a guest lecture from prominent queer theorist, transgender activist and educator Prof Jack Halberstam.   The positive reception of […]

Editor 2018-03-16

The name of the student has been changed on request. The best thing about moving out of your family home is the freedom it entails. The majority of people who attend university tend to live on campus for their first year. This is a brilliant way to make new friends and get to know the […]

Editor 2018-03-15

Want to kick those initial international student fears? Spending a semester or two away from home can be quite daunting. Not only will it most likely be the longest time away from your family, but many international students go somewhere all by themselves and being separated from your friends in a completely alien atmosphere can […]

Editor 2018-03-14

If your morning routine included reading about your co-worker’s dissatisfaction with Tesco’s plastic footprint, ogling at a photo of your second-cousin’s baby or commenting on Leo’s media budget, there is a strong possibility that you used a form of social media. The rise of Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites has caused even the […]