Nicole Glennon and Aimee Wells 2018-10-04

Hook and Ladder 7 Sarsfield Street This week, our veggies took a break from plant based eateries to try something a little more mainstream. As most herbivores will know, it is hard to find new, exciting, or interesting vegetarian options on a regular menu. This week we decided to see what we could find in […]

Chloe O Keefe 2018-10-01

The University of Limerick is a home away from home for over 11,000 students from Undergrad to Masters. You will spend 4 or more years here, and so you’ll quickly find it your second home also, with so many memories ready to be made, as well as new friends from all over the country, and […]

Michael Ahern 2018-09-28

As Mary Lou McDonald confirmed she will table a motion of no confidence in the housing minister Eoghan Murphy, the Irish market looks set for more troubled times ahead. At the annual Sinn Féin conference, she called on Tánaiste Simon Coveney to support her motion, stating that the homeless figures had now surpassed ten thousand […]

Nicole Glennon and Aimee Wells 2018-09-28

The Grove 11 Cecil Street A vegetarian kitchen located on Cecil Street. A firm stable in Limerick, they have been serving vegetarian and vegan main courses, salads and desserts for 30 years. Unlike the laid back yet formal setting of the Old Fire Station, (reviewed last week) the Grove is much more quaint and homely, […]

Nicole Glennon 2018-09-28

This month University Concert Hall (UCH) celebrated 25 years. Geographically, it is situated right in the middle of UL, but it’s place at the centre of student life goes beyond location. It’s the place you go on Open Day, still unsure whether University of Limerick is the place for you. It’s the start of your […]

Frances Watkins 2018-09-27

Freshers, the time has finally arrived for you to pack your bags, buy your body weight in pasta and head off to college. It’s an exciting time for you all, but it can also be daunting to be in new surroundings. I have come up with some handy tips to mind your mental health, for […]

Sarah Coleman 2018-09-27

It’s been over a year since the University has become an entirely smoke-free campus.   On the 1st of June 2017 the use of vapes, electronic cigars, electronic pipes (regardless if they provide nicotine hits) were banned at various points across campus.   Staff and students who wish to quit smoking and vaping were also […]

Lorcan O Donnell 2018-09-26

Hello, you sexy bunch of humans, this is your elected Student Welfare Officer delivering a quick message ahead of our Sexual Health And Guidance week during week 3 from the 24th-28th of September. It’s a week for homos, heteros, lesbos and don’t knows. Students are a sexually active bunch and so we should be. Many […]