Michael Finnerty 2019-01-20

Glass opened in cinemas across the world last Friday. The idea of people rushing to see an M. Night Shyamalan movie seemed unthinkable not so long ago. Mike Finnerty examines how M. Night clawed his way back to the top. It’s one of Hollywood’s favourite narratives – the comeback. Terence Mallick didn’t make a movie […]

Michael Finnerty 2018-11-26

The world is a terrible place right now. Runaway climate change is threatening the existence of our planet, the political divide between left and right has never been as pronounced in decades, and the studio behind Despicable Me made a Grinch film. Before you reach for Google, could you, the person reading this, name one […]

Dylan Goodman 2018-11-16

ON Tuesday 13th November the final for UL’s Battle of the Bands took place. With all preliminary rounds over, we were down to the nitty-gritty, the once and for all, the creme de l’université. The three bands repertoires had been explored in the previous rounds, so the final was a case of examining talent, proficiency […]

Michael Finnerty 2018-11-15

If you’re reading this article, there’s a high probability that you were born in the 1990’s. As it turns out, we grew up in probably the most influential decade regarding film since the late 1960’s post-Hays code boom. This was the decade where the old guard started to pave the way for the likes of […]

Ciara Mannion 2018-11-15

It’s that time of year again – when you swear to your mates that you will get out of bed for your 9am lectures, eat less takeaways and start a new fitness routine. While you may adamantly protest you love the college life as you throw on some clothing you just found on your bedroom […]

Lisa Diviney 2018-11-14

The EP expresses the struggle and emotion felt by civil rights activists. The opening song ‘Nina Cried Power’ delivers us a strong and deftly defiant homage to political protesters throughout the world. As always Hozier uses celestial lyrics in his music and ‘Nina Cried Power’ is no different. One could view it as a gospel […]

Clodagh Guerin 2018-11-13

We’re back for another edition of UL’s outfit of the week! This Thursday, we scoured the courtyard for the best outfits and chatted to some seriously stylish students. We’ll be out and about again next Thursday, so make sure to don your glad rags!   Outfit of the Week: Male Edition Ollie is a third-year […]

Christine Costello 2018-11-13

Last week University Concert Hall (UCH) and Robert C. Kelly launched this year’s Christmas panto, Snow White.   The launch took place in Limerick’s No.1 Pery Square and featured a star-studded cast of both local and national celebrities.   Robert C. Kelly’s pantomime will feature a retelling of a classic fairytale ‘with a contemporary twist’. […]