Aisling O Connor 2018-09-26

Going to college can be confusing as you’re unsure of what you need to bring, and for more experienced students it’s a case of trial and error. The 100 pens you bring on the first day may not last, but from gadgets to keep your course work safe and making sure your coffee stays at […]

Editor 2017-03-09

By Aimee Wells House of Cards This political drama follows Francis Underwood and the lengths he will go to to get his hands on the American presidency. With murder, sex, and political scandal, this alternative congress is still less scary than the Trump administration. There are four seasons available to watch and season 5 will […]

Editor 2017-03-02

By Ciara Maria Hayes The Stables was home to an overwhelming atmosphere on Tuesday night as three bands took to the stage in the battle of the bands final. Each played confidently and completely captivated the audience – however, there could only be one winner. The first band to take the stage were the Apaches […]

Editor 2017-02-23

By Maxine Bramley No way to Netflix and Chill your way through this test. This time we’re testing you to see if we can find your next binge-worthy show. If you liked this quiz, why not check out some more here?

Editor 2017-02-23

By Aimee Wells It’s important to enjoy the little things in life. And share those moments with the fam in gif form. When A Lecture Is Cancelled When The Crew Wake Up Hangover Free When You Hit Submit On Sulis When Your Bank Balance is Better Than Expected When the Wedges are Good AF When […]

Editor 2017-02-20

By Ciara Maria Hayes Do you know your Zelda from your Link? Crash from your Dr. Cortex? Rayman from your Globox? Take our test to see how much you really know. If you liked this quiz, why not check out some more here?

Editor 2017-02-17

By Maxine Bramley If you are anything like me, you like to feed your habit of major procrastination and avoiding life responsibilities. Trust me binge watching on YouTube is an efficient and entertaining way to do just that. Here are seven channels worth the binge. 1) Liza Koshy This 20-year-old YouTube sensation started off on […]

Editor 2017-01-30

By Ciara Ferguson Social media is both a blessing and a curse. It captures your memories and helps you keep in touch with friends, but you also run the risk of being cat-fished, dealing with online daters and cyber-bullying. As social media popularity grows, so do the problems. These issues need to be addressed and […]

Editor 2017-01-17

By Nicole Glennon TED Talks. Was there ever a form of procrastination so beneficial? Many an hour (or two…) has slipped by me in the last few years as I slouched on the couch curiously clicking on what YouTube recommended, only to realise hours later I have work due for the next day. However, it […]