Topic: Jennifer Lawrence

J-Law’s Meteoric Rise to Fashion Fame


JENNIFER Lawrence is truly the new golden girl of Hollywood. Yes, not many people can fall up the stairs in front of Hollywood’s elite, wearing a Dior gown and still manage to look as effervescent as she can. She has created an iconic image that is up to the standards of legends such as Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. However, Lawrence did not start out so elegant. When she first appeared in 2007 she looked slightly awkward as she was still finding her red carpet identity. She appeared in ill-fitting dresses such as the blue, rose-print, satin gown with black netting which completely ...

Film Review: Hunger Games


BILLED as being the answer to the Twilight craze, The Hunger Games serves only to delight its audience. This fantasy-thriller takes place in a futuristic North American setting which is experiencing heavy repercussions following an uprising which tore colonised America to shreds. Director Gary Ross, famed for his work on the movie Seabiscuit, produces quite a spectacular show which captures all the emotion and action portrayed within the book series penned by Suzanne Collins. At first glance, the film moves to deceive the audience with its setting. North America has become a totalitaria...