Presidential Candidate – Cormac O’Brien

By Editor Mar 13, 2018

Name: Cormac O’Brien

From:  Churchtown, Mallow, Co. Cork

Why did you decide to run?

I ran as a result of lack of care for people with Disabilities

Have you always been involved with the SU?

I worked with Paul Lee with Clubs and Societies executive, and I also used to be a part of Sinn Féin but left due to political differences.

What has been your involvement with clubs and societies?

Men’s hockey 2013-2017, Frisbee 2013-2015 , UL Sinn Féin 2014-2017, UL Vikings 2016-Present.

What are some things you think the SU have done successfully?

Successful in music events on campus but other than that poor for people with disabilities.

Why is this job right for you at this point in time?

As a person on the autistic spectrum, I would say it’s the right time to show everyone that people with disabilities can participate, if given the opportunity.

Why do you think you’re the best candidate for the job?

I am the best for job as a I have experience being on committees and working in the SU for co-op.

What skills/qualities can you bring to the role?

Knowledge about what people with disabilities need and want.

What animal would you be if they had to pick?


What other animal would you change the UL wolf to if we couldn’t have Wolfie anymore?


What type of friend are you in your friend group?

The crazy dude.

Favourite childhood tv show?

BBC version of the Chronicles of Narnia.



By Editor

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