My top 4 favorite places at UL

By Editor Oct 23, 2015

2. River Shannon


By Emily Schmeling


4. The Glucksman Library

This library brings out the nerd in me. Not only do I have my most productive study sessions here, but I also just love the building. There are huge windows all over which makes for some fun people watching and a great view of campus while you study. The quietness is much appreciated when I want to crack down on my assignments before the weekend.


3. Irish World Academy

I say this with an emphasis in the fact that I am not an expert or really have any significant knowledge in Irish music, but I do love this building and the tutorial I have in it. I am taking Intro to Irish Music and Dance as an elective this semester. I decided to take the song tutorial but I also had the option of dance, tin whistle, or bodhrán (an Irish drum). The building is beautiful, and it has a huge tile mosaic inside which is absolutely gorgeous. The long stair climb I take to get to my tutorial is made better by the view of this work of art.


2. Under the Living Bridge

I love this path along the bank of the River Shannon on campus. It’s a beautiful nature getaway for when school is getting stressful and you need to take the long way home. It’s also a great running path for those who enjoy an interesting route. I won’t say how to get onto this path; it’s more fun if you find it for yourself. Another plus to this path is that it’s frequented by lots of cute dogs. And lets be honest, we all need a little bit more cuteness in our lives.


1. Anywhere with friends

Life hack: everything is better when you’re with friends. I met these people the first week I was here and somehow we haven’t got sick of each other yet. You can usually find us in one of our apartments playing Spoons or watching movies. We also frequent the climbing wall and the Stables pub on campus. I know it’s cheesy, but these people have been the best (and most interesting) people I could’ve asked for during my time abroad!


The University of Limerick has so many nooks and crannies that I haven’t discovered yet, but the unique places are out there! What is your favorite place in UL?




By Editor

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