Pros and Cons of Having The Flu At Home

By Editor Feb 10, 2017

By Aimee Wells

With flu season slowly drawing to a close, it’s still common to see half the campus clutching a balsam or rocking the sickly chic look. While the flu isn’t life threatening for the majority of college students, it can still leave you feeling tired, weak, and crying for your mammy. So, when the flu hits, is it best to stay put or head back home? In reality, home is more than likely the best option but as with every decision in life, it comes with both pros and cons.

PRO: Sympathy


With symptoms like body pains, temperature, headaches, and congestion, the flu does garner sympathy at home. TV control, couch liberties, and all the cups of tea you could dream of. It almost makes the illness worth it so enjoy the perks while you can!

CON: The Journey Back

So you’ve decided to head back to the nest to recuperate. While your decision may be worth it once you get there, you first have to face a whole set of horrors involving public transport. Cramped and sweaty buses, unreliable timetables, rude drivers, all horrible to deal with on a normal day. Pair that with a headache and chesty cough, and you have a recipe for misery. It’ll all be worth it when you get home, right?

PRO: Actual Nutrition

We all know it’s hard to eat right in college. Between the lack of cash and lack of time, it’s much too normal to end up with a chicken roll and crisps or a fiver takeaway deal. This diet probably has a part to play with you getting sick and it certainly won’t promote recuperation. Going home to proper dinners and nutritious food like vegetables will certainly help your body feel better. Plus, mammy’s food is pretty tasty.

CON: The FOMO Is Real

While you might be glad to be home when you first arrive, pretty soon you’ll start to miss your friends. Between Snapchats and messages from the group chat, you’ll start to feel a tad out of the loop of what’s happening on campus. It can be more than a bit disheartening to see your friends downing the Tomova while you sit at home with your dog and a cup of tea. But you can take comfort in the fact that being home will help you get better, and the sooner you’re better, the sooner you can sesh.

PRO: Bed, Sweet Bed

There isn’t much to say about this but you just can’t beat your own bed with your own pillows, own blankets and probably your own teddies (I won’t judge).

CON: The Third Degree


Being at home isn’t always a bed of roses. Between siblings tormenting you and parents asking you more questions than a game show host, it won’t take long before you feel like you’re being questioned by authorities. Just know that your mam means well when she asks who that “lovely lad” is in your profile pic and, even if you do get roasted, at least you’re at home getting better and can return to college soon.



By Editor

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