Sabbat elections 2016 interviews: Donal Foley (VP Academic)

By Editor Mar 9, 2016



1. Why do you want to be ULSU Academic Officer?

I want to be the Academic Officer to implement change and empower the student body. The University of Limerick is a great place and has taught me a lot but, with the ideas and insights I can bring to the table I feel it can be an even greater university. Ideas such as: A 24hr study area, A student friendly online forum, A Supervisor/Student contracts (FYP), Repeat exams and I-grade reform. These incentives would make the university a more student friendly environment which would hopefully boost moral as well as test scores. The bottom line is that I want to be your Academic officer to improve your academic experience in the university of limerick.

2. If elected, what would be your key aim for next year?

My key aim for next year is to get an online forum set up for students that have to choose modules or streams for their next semester in college. This forum will be a place where students can go on get a module description from a student point of view, the difficulty from a student point of view, contact details for grinds outside of college and what job opportunities that are available from your choice. Sure that’s why we’re here, to get jobs! Also the 24 hr study area problem is a joke and our new library extension is not going to be finished in time for some of the current students. Why not use the Main Building? It’s open 24/7 anyway! The postgraduates already have two rooms in the main building why can’t we?

3. What qualities do you think are needed for the job and how have you shown these qualities in the past?

I think that being approachable and friendly so that people will not hesitate to come to you in their time of need. Saying that, it is imperative to be a hard worker and fully motivated to getting the best results out of every task that is put before you. There is no point in being the nicest guy in the world and getting nothing done!



By Editor

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