Student Gadgets

By Aisling O Connor Sep 26, 2018

Going to college can be confusing as you’re unsure of what you need to bring, and for more
experienced students it’s a case of trial and error. The 100 pens you bring on the first day may not
last, but from gadgets to keep your course work safe and making sure your coffee stays at the
optimum temperature, this guide should help.

Ottorbox Battery Pack

Whether you’re an iPhone or a Samsung person, Ottorbox has you covered when it comes to
protecting your phone from bumps and cracks. Their battery pack case not only keeps your phone
safe, but also charges it on the go so you don’t have to worry about not finding somewhere to
charge your phone or the battery dying halfway through the day.


Depending on your course, you may have a lot of lab work or spend the majority of your classes on
computers. If this is the case, a USB is even more essential than notebooks for keeping all your work
together. While you may hope that everything will be kept nice and safe on the computer and that
you’ll happen to use the exact same one all semester, you’re better safe than sorry. Most USB’s fit
comfortably in your purse or wallet so there’s no chance of forgetting it.

External Hard Drive

Little bits and pieces can be kept on a USB, but for the important work investing in an external hard
drive is recommended. Even the thought of your laptop crashing just as you finish an assignment or
the unthinkable happening such as losing your FYP or thesis should be enough convincing needed to
buy one. Think of it as insurance for your college work.

Laptop Lock

If you feel uneasy leaving your laptop unattended, even just for a few minutes, a laptop lock by
Kensington will put your mind at ease. The combination lock means that no one but you will be able
to open it so you don’t have to worry about not even being able to go to the bathroom for fear of
someone stealing your stuff. It may seem dramatic to lock your laptop down but once you hear
stories of laptops with FYPs on them being stolen you’ll be glad you got one.


To save you from carrying all of your course books around campus with you, everything can be
purchased as an e-book which saves you money and the back pain from a heavy bag. A kindle may
be a little pricey but you’ll also get use of it outside of class for recreational reading, or just playing
games on it. Just remember to bring a charger with you so your books don’t die when you need


Everyone loves a good pair of headphones for listening to music on the go; noise canceling ones can
be handy in college to block out the background noise as you study. You may not be listening to
Mozart, but if it means not having to hear other people’s conversations then it helps. Wireless
headphones are even handier for out and about as you don’t have to worry about getting tangled in
wires or worse, when the headphone socket falls out and everyone hears what you’re listening to.

Wireless Router

Colleges usually have decent wifi, but some areas on campus have better coverage than others.
Furthermore, with the crowding in the library that exam season brings, the amount of extra use
slows it down and leads to crashing. To avoid the frustration and poor wifi damaging productivity,
investing in a wireless router is a smart idea. While everyone else is stressed by the on-and-off again
internet, your study will be going smoothly… unless you’re procrastinating.

Temperature Control Travel Mug

For many, functioning without caffeine isn’t an option, and there are few things more disappointing
than coffee going cold before you even drink it. The TechAffect heated smart travel mug with
temperature control insulated flask keeps your hot beverage at the perfect temperature for longer,
it even alerts users when the ideal temperature is reached. An ordinary travel mug will also get you
by and won’t cost as much, but if you’re dependent on caffeine then the temperature control travel
mug is for you.




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