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Opinion: College Court Drama Exposes Deeper Problems For Third Level Students

College Court was brought to national attention last night. Equipped with fireworks, a butchered rendition of Come On Eileen and shameless public stories, Irish Twitter descended into chaos.  For most UL students, social media was where we watched the antics unfold. Most of us haven’t set foot on campus since March and have spent the last year grappling with online …



UL Student Life condemns mass gathering at College Court

by Chloe O’Keeffe. Three arrests, and approximately 30 fines have been made to date following an outbreak of a road party in College Court, Castletroy last evening. Two men (20s) were arrested under the Public Order Legislation and one man (20s) was arrested under Misuse of Drugs Legislation , Approximately 50 Fixed Payment Notices for Breaches of the Health Act …