Kyle Lehane

Kyle Lehane 2018-03-13

Name: Ciarán O’Brien From: Oranmore, Co. Galway Why did you decide to run? I decided to run because I felt that the Students Union could do a lot more for its members, and I think I have the ability to make the changes which are needed to make the union better for everyone. Have you always been […]

Kyle Lehane 2018-03-13

Name: Cormac O’Brien From:  Churchtown, Mallow, Co. Cork Why did you decide to run? I ran as a result of lack of care for people with Disabilities Have you always been involved with the SU? I worked with Paul Lee with Clubs and Societies executive, and I also used to be a part of Sinn Féin […]

Kyle Lehane 2018-03-13

Name: Ciara ‘Jo’ Hanlon From:  Kilchreest, South Galway   Why did you decide to run? I was a campaign manager last year for a presidential candidate and through this experience, I saw the ins and outs of the job and I thought, “I can do that job.” It was mainly the fear of regret that really pushed […]

Kyle Lehane 2018-03-10

So, if you’ve been paying any attention to the news recently or maybe you’ve seen something on your Facebook feed, you know that Ireland is about to have a very divisive referendum on abortion. If you’re left scratching your head and haven’t a clue what the hell a referendum is or how do you vote […]

Kyle Lehane 2018-03-07

When you think of the word ‘Priest’, many connotations come to mind. Some are positive, whilst others not so much. Now imagine a priest surrounded by hormonal, brutally honest teenagers who is more open to change than the Pope. “If [the Catholic Church] doesn’t change then it will die, but maybe it has to die […]

Kyle Lehane 2018-03-06

When I first heard of the word LuLitMi I genuinely that it was a medical condition. To be honest, what really stuck out to me when I entered this forum was the noise. To any passer-by it sounded like normal chatter, but if you listened a little closer you could hear ideas being challenged and […]

Kyle Lehane 2018-02-23

Failing to keep up to date with all the latest news and current affairs? Fear no more, here’s your comprehensive list on what you missed over the last month. Jan 17th – The South Korean Ministry of Unification announces that both North Korea and South Korea will march together under the Korean Unification Flag during […]

Kyle Lehane 2018-02-17

  Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or have just arisen from a coma then you’ll have heard the news about Ireland holding a referendum on abortion this summer. As the news was announced, protests by pro-life campaigners were organised using emotive placards featuring children with Down Syndrome and medically inaccurate photos of late […]

Kyle Lehane 2018-02-07

The forever freezing month of January is just over and so is the appropriately titled ‘January Blues’.  It’s natural to feel a little down this time of the year, with many people feeling as if this sense of melancholy won’t ever lift. Christmas time is exhausting with nights spent drinking and having the craic with […]