Surviving Study Week

By Eimear Kelly

1: Plan

Make a list of what you must do to prepare for exams and upcoming assignments. A timetable probably wouldn’t go astray either. At least you’ll feel organised, even if you really aren’t.

2: Get rest

It’s not easy to resist a few pints or a late night with friends (or Netflix) but it’s probably the best option for study week at least. Studying is hard enough without falling asleep with your head on a keyboard or in a book!

3: Stay hydrated

Drinking water helps with concentration but a few cups of coffee (or redbull) might work better in some cases.

4: Take breaks

Working for too long leads to a lack of concentration, which basically means you’re wasting your time. Work for a couple of hours at a time with short breaks in between so that your mind gets a break every so often.

5: Make it through

This is probably the hardest part, but also the most important. With a combination of coffee, nap breaks and at least the illusion of having your life together, you should make it through the week. Best of luck.


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