A GIFt From Me To You

By Editor Feb 8, 2017

Not even going to go into the gif/jif pronunciation debate because we all know which one is right (ahem gif), but if there is one thing we can all agree on it’s the importance of gifs.

Don’t know how to reply to a message? Ever want to sum up a situation with a gif?? Look no further!

When words can’t describe how fleek you look

When your mam tells you to clean your room before you go anywhere

When you’re in the back of a taxi on a night out and your friend won’t stop talking shite

Trying to comfort your friend after the club

When someone asks are you really going to eat “all of that”

When your vegan friend tells you for the millionth time that they’re vegan

When shits going down in the group chat but it doesn’t involve you

When your bff posts a lit selfie

When you’re trying to sleep but your friend won’t stfu

When someone tells you major goss that you already knew but you have to act like this is the first time you’re hearing it

When someone says something really stupid and you think did they really just say that

When someone is blatantly lying

When you’re getting roasted in the group chat and it’s time to leave



By Editor

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