Hello again!


I’m coming to you, readers, with my tail between my legs.

Over the past few months, the team at An Focal has been… well me! With a lot of personal issues and a great deal of final year stress on my plate, An Focal has taken a back seat. However, it has definitely not been out of my mind…

On reading this post, you’ll be seeing our new website layout, new branding, and hopefully, a lot of new content to sink your teeth into.

Back and better than ever with a brand-new team, we (now officially more than me!) will be taking you over the last few months of the college year, through the Student Officer elections, overviewing the build-up to the new student centre, and much more. We’re also aiming to have at least one physical copy of the newspaper out this semester (yay!) and will be releasing online as often as possible.

I hope you will forgive the difficulties it’s taken to get to this point but will understand that I am only one human – and an ADHD riddled human at that.

Please get in touch if you want to join the team as a contributor or photographer, or social media creator. We’re in need of all of the UL student body’s talents.

And for those of you not wanting to get directly involved, please tell us what you want to see! It is your student paper, after all.

For now, know that I will hold myself to my promise and here’s to a fantastic final few months of the 2023/2024 year.


All the best,

Molly Cantwell

An Focal Editor In Chief



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