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Ceol Beo i Ré an Choróinvíreas: ‘The Kooks’

Tar éis na míonna fhada do na healaíona, lán le neamhchinnteacht agus imní, táim buíoch a rá go bhfuil ceol beo ar ais arís ina iomlán. Deir gach ceoltóir a sheinneann sa tír seo go bhfuilimid na lucht féachana ab fhearr ar domhain, agus mar sin ní gá a rá go bhfuil muintir na hÉireann ar bís chun ceol beo …



Pandemic’s Not to Blame for New Year’s Resolutions Failing

New Year’s resolutions are like double-edged swords. They prey on procrastinators’ nightmares, cause imposter syndrome in perfectionists, and wreak havoc on those who are complacent about their own inadequacies. However, they also offer us a chance of redemption, an opportunity to become better, stronger, and healthier. After two years of the coronavirus pandemic, it seems that the Western tradition of …


The Midnight Library Review: A Fiction That Candidly Portrays The Real Struggles of Mental Health

  The Midnight Library by Matt Haig brings us a story of a woman’s desperation for a life she has never had and most probably will never get, a life without regrets. After years of despair and regret concerning her current life and past decisions, she finds herself in the one place that may give her the opportunity to live …