Car parking to be reduced in exchange for cycling facilities


UL car parking is to be reduced according to Limerick City Council.

“Limerick Smarter Travel” is a set of proposals put forward in an effort to encourage cycling and walking throughout Limerick.

UL forms a major part of the proposals, with it hoped vehicular traffic to the campus could be halved.

Notwithstanding the good intention of the proposals, it is likely that it will cause great stress and frustration to motorists. The already chronic car parking problem on campus is to be exacerbated with the plans claiming a reduction in car parking is to be considered. It is unclear which car parks could be affected.

Lower speed limits of 30km/h are also being considered for some locations, along with copious traffic calming measures.

A cycle lane along the old N7 Dublin-Limerick road from Nenagh is to be put in place, along with improved cycle lanes to the City Centre.

 The current very basic facilities for cyclists on campus will be augmented, with the Engineering Research Building being earmarked to receive showers and lockers for cyclists.

Similarly, secure covered bicycle parking could be provided throughout the campus.

These measures are expected to address the concerns expressed by individuals who are deterred from cycling, such as dangerous situations on the roads and lack of facilities on campus.

The plans also outline how increased bus usage would be promoted, though it does not detail how it would address the current unreliable Bus Eireann service, with upward of 15% of services not running on a daily basis with no explanation.