Is it time to move away from Victoria Secret?

By Lisa Diviney Nov 15, 2018

Girls and women these days are constantly subjected to expectations of how their body is supposed to look.

For most, these expectations are completely unattainable, and yet when we don’t conform to these expectations we feel inadequate.

Issues with self esteem and body confidence are some of the major contributors to depression and lack of self worth in young women.

The internet and social media play a massive role in magnifying the issue, so too does the Victoria’s Secret show.

The Victoria Secrets show is one of the most watched fashion events of the year where the world’s top models parade the best of women’s lingerie.

The models that walk the runway for Victoria Secret are at the pinnacle of their careers and at peak body condition.

With the brands popularity and fame come excessive promotion in the weeks leading up to events, with a glorification of one particular body type saturating the internet.

Although it’s clear that the women that walk these shows work extremely hard to keep their body’s in peak condition, we have to recognize that for most women, this is simply not possible with their lifestyles.

The majority of us couldn’t monitor our diet and dedicate so many hours to workout regimes.  

It’s just not compatible with a students life or a working person’s life.

It’s not feasible for anyone whose job isn’t simply to keep their bodies in peak condition.

It is important that we, as women, move away from seeing one single body type as the idea.

It is time we focus on the diversity of the human form and engage with brands that represent and celebrate everyone.



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