Say hello to the pitta pocket

By Editor Mar 31, 2016



By Caryl Faye Yulo


Say hello to the pitta pocket and goodbye to sandwiches that can’t seem to keep their fillings within their crusty borders because no matter how tightly you wrap that lovely BLT in cling film and foil, a stray tomato slice or two will peak out and mock your efforts. And even if you have your black belt it sandwich wrapping, what are you going to do about its shape and texture? Don’t expect a soft but firm bite without using a bulky plastic container. But fear no more! The pitta pocket is making its long-awaited return, at least in my lunches it is! A big shout out to my friend who made me a godsend-of-a-pitta-pocket, see the recipe for it down below.


Still not convinced? Then check out these extremely convincing bullet-points, my foodie friends:

  • A 6 pack of pitta pockets (try saying that three times) comes to less than €1 in most supermarkets! I can’t believe it either.
  • Tesco’s wholemeal pitta pockets have 139 calories and only 1g of fat and almost 4g of fibre which means you’ll be feeling fuller for longer
  • Have some leftovers from last night’s dinner? Slice open a pocket and stuff stuff stuff
  • If you’ve added cheese to you pitta pocket, do your taste buds a favour and wrap it in tin foil and put it in an fan-oven for 10 minutes


Godsend-of-a-pitta-pocket Recipe



Spinach (or any greens such as kale or the classic lettuce)

Ham slices

Good cheese (Irish Vintage never fails)

Mayo (or your choice of relish/condiment)


  1. Slice the tomato and wash the spinach
  2. Open the pocket halfway and spread the mayo on one side only
  3. Place the ham on top of the mayo and layer on the rest of the ingredients. I recommend keeping the spinach as the top layer so the bread isn’t bothered by the moisture from the tomato and the cheese
  4. Wrap the pocket in foil and place it in a fan-assisted oven on high for 10 minutes or until the cheese has melted and the filling is heated through



By Editor

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