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The King’s Gambit: Mick Flannery, A Night At The Opera

Mick Flannery’s latest release A Night At The Opera – much like an actual night at the opera – isn’t going to be for everyone. This might come as a surprise to most, considering topping the Irish Album Charts for weeks on end is just part and parcel of a Mick Flannery joint these days. It won’t, however, come as …


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Ukraine Crisis: Tensions Rise as Putin Recognises Pro-Russian Separatists’ Independence

Tensions in Ukrainian-Russian relations came to a head on Monday as Russian President Vladimir Putin announced plans to recognise the independence of two pro-Russian separatist groups on Ukraine’s eastern border. The announcement came during an hour-long televised address in which President Putin described Ukraine as a “colony of puppets” who are “preparing military action against our country”. The Russian premier …


Advice with Agony Adam | Valentine’s Conundrums

Stuck for a date this Valentine’s Day? Looking to add a little spice into your relationship? Maybe you’re thinking about taking things to the next level with your most recent Hinge date. Whatever your lovelorn problems might be this February 14, resident agony aunt Adam’s got you covered!   Adam, I need some advice! I’ve been talking to a guy …