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Seven Struggles Of Living With Seven Other People


By Ciara Ferguson

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my housemates. At the end of the day, we are a family but here are seven struggles I experience while living with seven others.

1) Dishes
I do not understand how there is constantly a mountain of dishes in the sink. If you just cleaned your dishes when you were finished with them, the problem would be resolved.

2) Taking Out The Bins
The bins are overflowing every day. I literally mean every day. Only one or two people actually ever take them out.

3) Being Woken Up
Now I’m okay with my housemates waking me up every so often after a night out, that’s unavoidable. But what drives me insane is when they start to rave outside your door at 2 am three nights in a row.

4) Not Using Earphones
Earphones and headphones are beautiful, wonderful creations. So could you please use them? When you’re sat in your room trying to start your assignment or do a required reading and your housemate starts playing their (terrible) music loudly and singing, there is nothing worse.

5) Stealing Food
The disappointment you feel when you’ve been looking forward to that leftover Chinese all day and you get home and someone has eaten it. Need I say more?

6) T.V. Shows
The internet was created so people could watch things online and only watch things on the TV in the communal area if everyone is going to enjoy it. It’s not for watching some rubbish soap opera and “shushing” people when they come in.

7) The Deniers
If I make a mess, I will admit it. But some people rant and rave constantly. “I’m sick of everyone making a mess in this house!” But then you see them drop some porridge and spill some milk, not clean it up and then leave their dirty bowl and spoon on the table.