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Ten Things to Consider Doing Before You Graduate


By Ciara Maria Hayes

1. Go on a group holiday
Some people may have already done this with Leaving Cert holidays becoming increasingly popular but if you haven’t, group holidays can be a great opportunity to explore a new place and meet new people along with your mates.

2. Go to a music festival
There’s a music festival to cater to almost every genre, and as well as the music, the atmosphere is incredible!

3. Try something out of your comfort zone
Whether it’s skydiving, trying a delicacy from another country or performing in front of a group of people, pushing your own boundaries can result in a newfound confidence or interest.

4. Take up a new hobby
Always loved music but were never able to play? Maybe now is the time to learn. Or perhaps you were never the athletic type but suddenly a certain sport has caught your eye. UL has plenty of clubs and societies for you to choose from, so, by all means, pick something up!

5. Volunteer
Charities are always thankful for an extra pair of hands, and working for a good cause will make you feel good about yourself too!

6. Explore every corner of campus
Most of your time as a student will be taken up with walking between classes, studying and going out. But one night, if you have nothing to do, why not visit the sections of campus you’ve never been to?

7. Befriend someone different from you in every possible way
It’ll either go two ways – you’ll part ways and you’ll have learnt a lot about a different kind of personality, or you’ll have one more person to enjoy the company of.

8. Attend a ball
They’re a change from the normal college routine, and who doesn’t pass up an excuse to get dressed up with their friends?

9. Learn how to cook at least one fancy meal perfectly
College students are stereotyped as living on a diet that consists of Pot Noodles, pizza and alcohol, so why not try and prove it wrong?

10. Get the best out of yourself
Achieve your full potential. Make yourself the happiest you can possibly be, achieve your peak fitness, and accomplish whatever small goals you may have along the way. Enter the world of work with confidence in your stride and a smile on your face.