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Top Ten Tiny Things Everyone can do in the name of Self-Care


‘Self-Care’ is one of the simplest things we can do to better our mental health every day. With mental health week in full swing, here are some small things that can be added to your life to get your head in a good space.

      Get Organised

The world is messy enough, don’t let your life be. Take 5 minutes out of each day to throw out your rubbish. Those plastic bottles you’ve had hoarded in your room, the pile of clothes sat in the corner of your room. All of it dwells on us eventually. Pinterest has millions of little tips and tricks that can make getting organised that little bit easier.




Technology Time-Out

All of us spend way too much time hunched over our phones/laptops etc. and for our brains looking at these, edited lives can be a little much. A neat trick to avoid being “bothered” by it all is to put your phone on airplane mode for 5 minutes every hour. It seems stupid- but do something worthwhile with those 5 minutes. Go pet a dog, wash your hair, slap on some tan- just use those 5 minutes to do something that isn’t going to involve your phone. There’s way too much pressure on us to be accessible 24/7 but don’t panic- all the messages will still be there in 5.



  Be a Flake (it’s not a bad thing)

Ever made plans and when the day comes you’re just not about it? Then you feel guilty and end up at a house party you really didn’t want to be at? University is all about socialising and meeting people- but sometimes, in the name of the sesh, we forget that we don’t have to go to everything. If you’re not feeling it don’t stress- there’s always the next night.






Before you scream notions- hear me out. There’s no bad thing telling yourself you’re great every now and again. We’re all harsh on ourselves- but why? Self-confidence and self-love go hand in hand.

If you’re stuck on some inspo on loving yourself try reading some blog posts or books on the subject. Keep telling yourself you’re great eventually you’ll believe it.


  Bath Bombs and Face Masks

Why not be extra with your personal hygiene? If a bath is not your thing and you’re not into face masks- throw some tea tree oil into hot water and steam your face. Tea tree is known for its relaxation properties. Add some lavender and you have a steam facial that’ll get you ready for bed. If you’re looking for a facemask that adds some fun- try the charcoal peeling mask. You’ll definitely get a ‘kick’ out of peeling the first layer of skin off your face.


   Get Some Rest

Ah, college students. Always out for a party. Never out for a good night sleep. It can be tough in student accommodation to get your rest, noisy neighbours and house parties aren’t ideal for a nice nap. Take a night off and go to bed- your head will thank you.


   Don’t Be Afraid of the Feels

It seems we all are a little scared of our emotions lately. It’s not weak to have emotions- they’re natural. It doesn’t make you any less of a person to cry. Tears are a natural thing. If your emotions are all a little too much then maybe talk it out with a close friend or family member. Professional help is always available too- don’t be ashamed of asking for help dealing with your sadness. Self-care means accepting that you can be weak sometimes too.


   Enjoy the Little Things

Coming from the most unchill person alive this is my number one in self-care tips. There are days your life is going to be all hustle and you might feel like the worst person alive. It happens. University is a tough time for everyone- it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes all it takes is a little thing- meeting your friends for some tea and the chats, making the bus just as it’s about to pull away, seeing a cute dog on campus, even doing something nice for someone without expecting anything in return. Finding happiness in the smaller things in life is what makes your day go from bad to good.



   Don’t Let One Bad Moment Ruin Hundreds More Good Ones

Have you ever had a few bad minutes and suddenly your day is ruined? Everything is terrible and your life is crap all because of the tiniest thing. It could be as small as you stood in a puddle or your phone wasn’t charging overnight. Ten seconds and the whole 24 hours are a rotten mess. But it doesn’t have to be this way- a day isn’t one moment. It’s thousands of little ones meshed into one. If you let one small thing ruin your day your head is going to be in the wrong space. Start each day thinking it’s going to be the best.


  Have Fun

Possibly the most obvious thing we should do in life is to have fun. It’s the simplest thing to do- it isn’t hard. But so many of us just aren’t doing it. Everything else gets in the way and even when we’re trying to enjoy ourselves stuff just keep getting in the way. Go out with your friends, see a movie- whatever you want. Just take your mind off adult life for a while. Life isn’t easy if you’re not having fun doing it.