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The IRFU must improve women’s rugby in the country

Anyone that watched the Irish women’s rugby game against Scotland will have seen distraught players thrown across the pitch after their defeat. This was, without a doubt, grim viewing for the onlooking audience. Following this fall out in the World cup qualifier on Saturday, September 25th, many questions have been raised about the treatment of Women’s rugby in the country. …



Interview: Former UL Student Fiona Coughlan May Have Retired From Her Rugby Career But Is Still Far From Relaxing

“I don’t think it is just good to stop people going down wrong paths; it is beneficial in every aspect of life.  As a society I don’t feel we truly value the impact that physical activity and sport can have on person’s life.”  Fiona Coghlan is a former student of P.E. and Maths teaching at the University of Limerick. She …