ULSU UGM Fails to reach quorum

By Editor Mar 15, 2012

Unfortunate choice of venue blamed

THE UGM held on Monday, Week 8, failed to reach quorum.

Classrooms in the University with capacity of 200 or more were unavailable, which resulted in the UGM of ULSU and the AGM of ULSU Services Ltd being held in the Stables Bar.

The 70 students in attendance were critical of the choice of venue, claiming it was chosen to “deliberately avoid quorum”.

While SU President, Derek Daly claimed the meeting is “traditionally” held in the stables, it was clear the venue was entirely unsuitable, with the meeting coinciding with a busy lunchtime trade.

Some students remonstrated querying what was done to find an alternate time or venue. Many suggested the meeting be rescheduled to take place alongside either Class Reps Council or Clubs and Societies Council.

Mr Daly denied claims that “free drink” was given out as in incentive for students to attend previous AGMs.

The meeting was called to vote on several motions mooted at the EGM held in Week 2.

Those present were irate that the entire wording of the motions was not submitted before the meeting, though the Communications Officer is only mandated to distribute the agenda, and not the motions.

Any student wishing to submit a motion for the meeting could do so in writing up to 5 University days before the meeting. Several were submitted.

The SU proposed a motion regarding continuation of services provided by the abolished Communications Office including provision of a Student Handbook, An Focal and ULFM.

Motions were submitted to reduce quorum of general meetings to 100, to recignise Irish as an official language of the SU, to reduce wages of sabbats by €1 per hour, to reduce wages during handover and training, to amend certain articles of the draft constitution and to propose sabbats wear silly hats while addressing public meetings.

It was asked if these motions could be voted on by means of an electronic vote, which is possible but in the form of a referendum. This requires that around 2500 students need to vote and 1800 vote in favour.

Pat Carroll of Pat Carroll and Company, Auditors to the SU, addressed the crowd and spoke briefly about the accounts presented. Students asked if Dromroe shop delivered a profit.

“There was no loss at Dromroe per sé. The assets there were put in place such a long time ago that the cost of them has been written off. If the assets there were sold in the morning it would be sheer profit”, said Mr Carroll.

The fit out of Cappavilla shop cost €200,000, which was funded by the SU. It is hoped that once the Courtyard shop turns a profit again, ULSU Services Ltd, operators of the shop, will begin to repay this debt to ULSU.

The meeting concluded with what some thought was a rather cheeky discusson of the proposed new student centre.

An Focal Comment Editor, Darragh Roche was incensed by the proposal saying “How can we provide a new building but not be able to afford to provide services within it. We need some truth and facts instead of vague threats”.




By Editor

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