Jason McNicholas 2018-09-19

9/10 While Marvel’s dominance in the world of cinema is all but complete, there’s been a noticeable dearth in quality video games to piggyback off of that success. Finally, the people at Insomniac Games look to fill the gap with the highly anticipated Marvels Spider-Man.  First off, the game’s greatest strength is its traversal system. […]

Editor 2018-04-12

By Simran Kapur Limerick girl Aoife O’Kelly shines bright in London, as her ambitious piece on celluloid earns accolades across film festivals.     From rebuilding a Polish household, carving out windows in an old mud house and recreating a time an era that left a mark on most.     Lula, a true story […]

Editor 2018-01-26

By Aisling O’Connor Disney Pixar’s Coco was one of the most anticipated films so far this year. As it’s from the creators of Finding Nemo and Toy Story there were high expectations for the movie. Coco follows the story of a pre-teen Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez) struggling to find his place in his strict anti-music shoe-making […]

Editor 2017-04-27

By Chloe O’Keeffe Take our quiz to see if you really know your stuff when it comes to the X Factor! If you liked this quiz, why not check out some more here?

Editor 2017-04-18

By Ciara Maria Hayes 13 Reasons Why is, without a doubt, the biggest TV sensation this year so far. The show, based on the novel by Jay Asher, was made available to stream on Netflix recently and since then it’s been the only thing the Internet can talk about. If you haven’t seen it already, […]

Editor 2017-04-05

By Caitlin Griffin The new series that recently began streaming on Netflix is adapted from a book and already has raving reviews despite only being aired on March 31st. 1. Enlightening It should be taught in secondary schools around the world as it teaches teenagers a valuable lesson about bullying. Especially in the season finale […]

Editor 2017-04-04

By Eimear Kelly Are you a true Harry Potter fan? Have you been sorted into a house? Test your wits with our quiz! If you liked this quiz, why not check out some more here?

Editor 2017-03-27

  1. Being called every name but your own 2. Constantly being compared to your older and younger sibling(s) 3. Being diagnosed with “Middle-Child Syndrome” by your other siblings 4. You relate so hard to Malcolm and Sue 5. But because you’re known as the forgotten child, you can easily fly under the radar 6. […]

Editor 2017-03-09

By Aimee Wells House of Cards This political drama follows Francis Underwood and the lengths he will go to to get his hands on the American presidency. With murder, sex, and political scandal, this alternative congress is still less scary than the Trump administration. There are four seasons available to watch and season 5 will […]