Jason McNicholas 2018-11-05

Big Mouth returns with horrific hilarity in a season that builds and improves on the strengths of the first. After an opening season that many saw as a fresh and unique take on the perils of puberty, Big Mouth returns for a second run that improves on the first in almost every way. The plot […]

Michael Finnerty 2018-10-22

Most of us reading this article weren’t even alive during the 1980’s, but that doesn’t mean a 22-year-old who always gets Steve Harrington in personality quizzes can’t take a stab at compiling a list of the best 80’s movies! Back To The Future (1985)   It’s an obvious choice, but how could you have an […]

Christine Costello 2018-10-03

Since its release in 2004, Mean Girls has been regarded as one of the most influential chick flicks in cinematic history. No Wednesday goes without a pink and no October 3rd without a cheesy clickbait article from just about every Facebook page.   An Focal are proud to jump on the bandwagon and bring you […]

Michael Finnerty 2018-09-28

When Fight Club came out in 1999, it failed to make a profit at the box office, got one technical Oscar nomination in Sound Effects Editing, and caused Hollywood to take less risks on edgy, adult novel adaptations. Yet 20 years later, the film is a cultural phenomenon, it is often cited in critics circles […]

Jason McNicholas 2018-09-19

9/10 While Marvel’s dominance in the world of cinema is all but complete, there’s been a noticeable dearth in quality video games to piggyback off of that success. Finally, the people at Insomniac Games look to fill the gap with the highly anticipated Marvels Spider-Man.  First off, the game’s greatest strength is its traversal system. […]

Editor 2018-04-12

By Simran Kapur Limerick girl Aoife O’Kelly shines bright in London, as her ambitious piece on celluloid earns accolades across film festivals.     From rebuilding a Polish household, carving out windows in an old mud house and recreating a time an era that left a mark on most.     Lula, a true story […]

Editor 2018-01-26

By Aisling O’Connor Disney Pixar’s Coco was one of the most anticipated films so far this year. As it’s from the creators of Finding Nemo and Toy Story there were high expectations for the movie. Coco follows the story of a pre-teen Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez) struggling to find his place in his strict anti-music shoe-making […]

Editor 2017-04-27

By Chloe O’Keeffe Take our quiz to see if you really know your stuff when it comes to the X Factor! If you liked this quiz, why not check out some more here?