Ten GIFs From Oscars 2016 To Describe College

By Editor Feb 27, 2017

By Rebecca Laffan

As we approach this year’s Oscars, let’s quickly recap last year’s ceremony with some relatable af GIFS. Enjoy!

1. When your most boring lecture is saved by a guest speaker

2. When you actually get a decent grade on that disastrous group project

3. When it’s time to present and you actually have no idea wtf you’re doing

4. “This isn’t an essay you can leave until the night before”

5. When your lecturer has a doctorate but is completely lost when it comes to PowerPoint

6. Finally making it to the top floor of the main building

7. Friday mornings in a nutshell

8. That peppy individual in your 9 am

9. When your friend mentions how tired they are an hour before pre-drinks

10. “Attendance is 10%”



By Editor

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