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Cozy and Folksy: Tracks for a Dreamy October


Autumn is truly upon us, and when it comes to autumnal music I feel like acoustic and folk is the way to go.  I am, admittedly, one of those “basic” autumn girls who craves crisp air, spicy lattes and chunky cardigans. With that being said, here are my picks of songs that perfectly capture that autumn aesthetic… think golden hour, leaves, coffee, cold weather, and all that other great seasonal stuff.


“Shrike” by Hozier


This track is ideal listening for crisp autumn days. The acoustic guitar and Hozier’s signature lilt make it atmospheric and beautiful; perfect for frolicking through the leaves, or whatever else you get up to this time of year.


In fact, the entire Nina Cried Power EP is perfect listening for this month. Basic autumnal aesthetics aside, October is Black History Month in the UK and Ireland, and “Nina Cried Power” is described as being a love letter to the spirit of protest, and more specifically to Nina Simone; a black singer who used her music to stick it to the white man, and to advocate for black rights.



“White Winter Hymnal” by Fleet Foxes


This song is an upbeat celebration of the autumn/winter period. Full of lush harmonies, and with a simple and distinct melody, I guarantee that this song will be stuck in your head for days… and you’re going to love it.


“Baby’s Wearing Blue Jeans” by Mac Demarco


I can’t listen to this song without having a groove… It’s catchy, feel good, and again, just groovy. (I’m bringing the word “groovy” back, guys. Just like “fetch”, I will make it happen). This song will be sure to banish any rainy-day blues that arise this autumn. As always, Mac Demarco’s incredible vocal range champions the contrast between falsetto and baritone, creating a song that’s technically well balanced and composed. For those of us who don’t really care about music theory, it’s just a really great song. Trust me.


“Guiding Light” by Mumford & Sons


Mumford and Sons are back, and just in time for autumn! Purveyors of folk, this band are my go-to when October rolls around. “Guiding Light” features the full harmonies and heavy acoustic guitar that we all associate with Mumford & Sons, but it also uses negative space incredibly, as a some of the song features strong vocals alone with little to no instrumental accompaniment. The bridge is also incredibly unique, and nothing like the band have composed before. This is definitely one of those songs where, if you listen to it as you’re walking, you’ll feel like the main character of your own film as the credits roll… we all do that, right?



“Half as Good as You” by Tom Odell

Tom Odell is another safe bet for this time of year; his first album Long Way Down featured the hit “Another Love”, which should have its own spot on this list, but I wanted to recommend one of his lesser known songs instead. “Half as Good as You” came out in August and sees the singer and pianist team up with Alice Merton to create a gorgeous and unique anti-love song. Make sure to check out his other new release, “Jubilee Road”!