Eight Times Your BFF Was Your Soulmate

By Editor Mar 21, 2017

1. Ride Or Die

You know that you can unconditionally rely on them no matter what, and your life would be so shitty without them.



2. Life’s Not Worth Living Without Them

When someone says “If someone jumped off a cliff, would you?”, you don’t even wait for
them to finish their sentence.



3. They Get You

Lifes got you down? Your bestie has your back.



4. Relationship Trouble

Bae isn’t texting back and your BFF, being your BFF, is even more pissed than you.



5. Silence Isn’t Silence

Whether you’re video calling or lying next to each other, you never feel the need to fill those
silences with mindless chatter.



6. People Question Your Friendship

Sometimes even you guys question it…



7. They’re Just As Bad As You

Fights with your friend are the worst because they’re just as sassy and stubborn as you.



8. After Fights

You make up real quick because no one else will tolerate you.





By Editor

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