Eight Ways To Practice Self-Care

By Editor Mar 22, 2017

By Chloe O’Keeffe

We’ve all been down every now and again, right? But how do you get out of your funk? Here are eight ways to practice self-care!

1. Go for a walk

Walk whatever steam you have off! Get out of your stuffy room, open a window and let some air in. Get out into the air yourself. Clear your head of all the toxins.

2. Take some time out

Drop everything and take some ‘me-time’ out. Treat yourself. Whatever that may entail specific to what makes you happy.

3. Listen to your favourite music

Who doesn’t love a good jump around in their bedroom pretending they’re Beyoncé?

4. Dress up!

Need I say anymore?

5. Have some chocolate or icecream

Then again, embrace your mood and eat all the comfort food you can. You have an excuse after all, right?

6. Take a nap

Your mood is probably due to tiredness. I mean, student living isn’t easy right? Right. Take a nap. 40 minutes. 2 hours. A day…

7. Make yourself a cup of tea

Because tea makes everything okay. Now, the big dilemma- Barrys or Lyons?


Treat yo self!



By Editor

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