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Eight Ways To Practice Self-Care


By Chloe O’Keeffe

We’ve all been down every now and again, right? But how do you get out of your funk? Here are eight ways to practice self-care!

1. Go for a walk

Walk whatever steam you have off! Get out of your stuffy room, open a window and let some air in. Get out into the air yourself. Clear your head of all the toxins.

2. Take some time out

Drop everything and take some ‘me-time’ out. Treat yourself. Whatever that may entail specific to what makes you happy.

3. Listen to your favourite music

Who doesn’t love a good jump around in their bedroom pretending they’re Beyoncé?

4. Dress up!

Need I say anymore?

5. Have some chocolate or icecream

Then again, embrace your mood and eat all the comfort food you can. You have an excuse after all, right?

6. Take a nap

Your mood is probably due to tiredness. I mean, student living isn’t easy right? Right. Take a nap. 40 minutes. 2 hours. A day…

7. Make yourself a cup of tea

Because tea makes everything okay. Now, the big dilemma- Barrys or Lyons?


Treat yo self!