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By Editor Sep 15, 2015

Professor Edmond Magner, Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering


On behalf of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, I would like to extend a warm welcome to our new students and to welcome back all returning students.

For our new students in particular, this is an exciting and challenging opportunity, one that I hope will be rewarding and enjoyable for each and every one of you. As I write this welcome note, we are in the middle of the conferring schedule for students who have completed their studies in the past year. If you ask any of the graduating classes about their time in college, one resounding comment from them will be on how their time here has flown by. As you commence your studies I would ask you to consider and think about what you hope to achieve as a student here, to pause and think of what your reflections of your time here may be when you follow in the steps of the current graduating classes in four years’ time. Remember that while your own graduation may seem like a long way away, the length of time that you will spend at the University will be less than the time period you spent in secondary school. Think of how quickly those years have gone by. Your journey to complete your programme starts on Monday of week 1, make the most of the opportunities that come your way, avail of all that is to offer here, academically, culturally and socially. I hope that your time here is enjoyable and rewarding and wish each of you every success.


Professor Alison Perry, Dean, Faculty of Education and Health Sciences


Welcome to all the new students in the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences at UL. I hope that you will enjoy your chosen programme in one of five Departments, or in the Graduate Entry Medical School, of our Faculty.

For many of you, attending your chosen course at UL will have been your goal for a long time. You are finally here to begin this new phase of your lives, so very well done!

Bring your work ethic with you and then take advantage of all that this wonderful campus has to offer, both academically and personally.

I hope that you will become involved in the great social and sporting life at the UL campus.  There are great sport and exercise facilities, as well as wonderful clubs and societies to explore.

I encourage you to be open to new ideas.  Question your own belief and ways of doing things, and be willing to try new things and meet new people – these are likely to become your close friends in the years that follow.

If you need assistance, ask for it…people are here to help.

Fulfil all your goals and ambitions….go after them…and enjoy the journey!


Professor Tom Lodge, Dean, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

We’re so pleased that you’ve chosen to spend the next four years with us.  In our faculty we make a point of trying to create an environment that is friendly and accessible.  For instance, all our lecturers commit themselves to being able to meet you individually at particular times that they’ll post on their doors.  You can visit them then without an appointment to discuss anything about the coursework that you’ll be undertaking with them: things that may be puzzling you or simply issues that you find interesting and would like to know more about.  That obligation begins with me as Dean.  It’s important to us that you know from the start that we are here to support you and to take an interest in your progress.  It’s a big place, the University, and it is easy to get lost particularly when classes are very large.   We want your experience here to be life-changing and we know that takes effort on both sides.  People learn in different ways but what really separates students who are successful from those who are not is commitment and motivation.  You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have the potential to do very well.  It’s our job – all of us – to make sure that you realise and fulfill that potential.  You are mainly what we are here for.  I hope your time at UL is happy and helpful.



By Editor

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