Five Things I Wish I Knew Sooner About The Gym

By Editor Apr 19, 2017

By Ciara Ferguson

If you’re self-conscious about your weight, going to the gym can be one of the most daunting experiences ever. The fear of being judged takes over and makes the whole thought of the gym absolutely terrifying.

I went to the gym for the first time today and here are five things my friends told me about the gym that I thought were lies but it turns out they’re 100% true.

Hopefully, if you’re reading this and feeling the same way about going to the gym, this might just encourage you to go.

Trust me, you’ll feel so much better about yourself if you do!

1) “Nobody even looks at you.”

A number of times this was said to me and I rolled my eyes and thought “yeah right…” but turns out, it is true! People are so occupied doing their own thing that nobody even cares what you’re doing, to be honest.

2) “It barely takes up anytime, you don’t even feel the time going.”

I was always complaining that I had too many assignments to do and that it would take up too much time of my day. Today I was at the gym for 25 minutes and it flew by. With some good tunes, 25 minutes can feel like 10.

3) “It helps you relax.”

I never thought the gym would help me relax. I always thought I’d be so busy watching out for people judging me that I would be in a state of panic the whole time but actually, it was the complete opposite. You forget there are people around you, (especially if you’re focusing on not collapsing like I was).

4) “You’ll feel so good after it.”

I didn’t believe that one for a second. My response was usually “eh no I’ll be all tired and sweaty after it.” But actually, I felt really good after it. I was tired and sweaty obviously but there’s a great sense of achievement which overrules those other feelings.

5) “It’s so fun.”

I never thought I’d agree with this one but it was actually really fun. I really enjoyed myself. I went with a friend and it was great to have a friendly face next to you to have a bit of a laugh with.

Now I’m no gym expert but I hope this will encourage others who aren’t gym experts either to enter the gym. Honestly, it’s really not that bad!



By Editor

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