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By Editor Oct 19, 2016

By Kathleen O’Sullivan

We put makeup on our face and that can be seen as fashionable. Why not our glasses too? Contact lenses no more!

We, the people who wear glasses, are a minority group. An elitist group. We have been through a lot and until mini windshield wipers are created for us to wipe away the raindrops (also our tears of shear frustration) from our vision then we’ll have to just settle for fashionable glasses and accessories.

Specsavers tend to have the best selection of glasses, so here’s a few for those on a very low student budget:


Men’s glasses aren’t just for men. I find with having a wider nose and small face that men’s glasses often fit nicely too. Here’s a few to pick from:


When you get an eye test done in Specsavers, you have the option of buying a pair of glasses worth €89.00 and getting a second pair free. For those who are sucked into the mega-deals as I am and have a few extra pennies to spend, here are some nice current picks of mine:


We may be out of the season that sunglasses are intended for, but sometimes there are certain circumstances in which we need them, like covering the bags under our eyes or just sheer ignorance. Retail is still fully stocked in them, like Next:


Mind those specs like you mind those eyes! A pretty case may be an incentive to take care of them, they’re cheap as chips and can be bought pretty much anywhere.


I hope you’ve been convinced to jump on the glasses bandwagon! Nerd alert.



By Editor

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