Going Sober for October


By Cathal Doherty

Could you give up alcohol for the duration of October? McMillan Cancer Support is looking for willing social drinkers who could do just that to volunteer in the latest fundraising challenge.

According to the website, there are plenty of health benefits that come with giving up alcohol;

Better night’s sleep: You’ll start waking up more refreshed than ever.
Increased energy: No more booze also means increased energy levels and the ability to do more with your life.
No more hangovers: This one’s obvious but still a worthy mention. After all, as college students, who hasn’t woken up with a horrible pain in their head and a crippling pain in your stomach? With no more alcohol, these hangovers will be a distant memory.
Feeling healthy: You’ll feel healthier in everything you do from attending lectures to going for a jog in the UL Sport’s Arena.

Other benefits include; saving money and having change rolling around in your pocket rather than in the tills of Angel Lane.

At the same time, you’ll be helping people affected by cancer. Declan Hehir, a UL student is looking to take up the challenge.

“It will help me save money and I’ll be helping someone with cancer at the same time.”

Plenty of other students around UL are up for the campaign but not everyone feels the same way. If you don’t feel like giving up drink for any particular reason then why not donate to the cause instead? Just visit for more details.