How to handle homesickness in college

By Ciara Mannion Nov 11, 2019

You worked your arse off, landed your dream degree, but now what? Now, the dream is over.

You didn’t think it was possible, but somehow you seem a bit lost.

Suddenly, you get nervous about meeting new people, started talking less and miss the comforts of back home.

What do you do?

Whether you’ve just experienced homesickness briefly or have it for quite a long time, here are a few ways to handle homesickness.

When you’re surrounded by empty hours that used to be filled with moments at home, you need to get moving.

Instead of feeling sad and broken, you want to be doing something that makes you strong and resilient again.

This is where college clubs and societies come in.

College clubs and societies can be a great way of finding a home away from home.

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This is because relationships are formed over shared experiences, the type that can be hard to find when you’re in a lecture hall with hundreds of other students.

Even if you’re normally a social butterfly adept at navigating the crowd, joining a club or society is a  great way to find people with the same interests.

Just make sure when you’re there you spend your time chatting about the society to get the most out of the weeks!

Once you’ve joined at least one club or society, take a moment to think about the kind of room you’d like to have.  By decorating your room to make it feel a bit more like home, you project the positive energy and togetherness you are working towards.

Remember, this feeling of homesickness is only a brief feeling and should not be treated as a lifestyle choice.

Instead, blow people’s mind’s with how homely your room feels.

Got a nice photo of the fam or a funny picture with your mates? Print it out and make a memory mood board on your wall.

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Familiar things like your favourite pillow or clean bedsheets from home can work wonders.

So don’t delay that crisp feel of new bedsheets any longer.

Eventually, it’ll be just like home.

One of the key things to getting through this time is to keep yourself in motion and stop tormenting yourself with the phone.

Stop worrying that you missed a voice mail or jumping up every time it rings.

Instead, schedule a regular time to call your loved ones.

This will not only give you time away from your phone but also more time to discover yourself.

Setting a time to call your loved ones will also give you something to look forward to, without missing out on all the fun.

By stepping away from the phone you’re taking the first step towards living your best life.

Don’t stress when it comes to social interactions.

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It’s easy to be hung up whether you are saying the right thing or not.

Focus on the positives and laughing at the little things is key to any good day.

When you appear put-together, you project the vibe of a happening person, which you are.

It’s starting by putting the behaviour before these new feelings.

You have to let life happen and accept that you can’t make everyone love you instantly, so don’t waste your time trying.

Those who see how amazing you are will show it. So get out there and start exploring!



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