How to handle Stress


Stress: What a small word yet such an enormous emotion. It is arguably one of the most powerful emotions of all. It is inevitable and inescapable. There is no human on this planet who has lived a lifetime and never felt stressed. When a person is stressed the worst aspects of their personality are unveiled. The American Psychological Association states that chronic stress has the potential to cause diseases either because of changes with your body or the overeating, smoking and other bad habits people use to cope with stress. It is due to such results that it is essential to learn how to handle stress.

Learn to compartmentalise

This is a skill which has truly helped me over the years. Being a natural over-thinker, I often find myself getting easily stressed and over-whelmed. What I like to do is make a mental box and sort my priorities out accordingly.  My motto is: one thing at a time. For example in relation to college assignments I always focus on the one that is due the earliest before starting the next one. This helps me to think clearer and prevents me from getting stressed out about the sheer amount of work which I have to do.

Take care of yourself

This is perhaps the most important point of all. It is crucial that you do not let the anxiety take over you. Ensure you get a good night’s sleep and eat your three meals a day. If you are feeling weak don’t be afraid to talk to the people closest to you. If you feel as if you are going to cry don’t hold it in. Let your emotions free instead of bottling them up until you finally explode. Remember, being strong doesn’t mean that you never cry and never feel any negative feelings. Being strong means that you are able to cope with your problems in a way that works for you and if having a good cry makes you feel better then there is no shame in it.


This is a personal favourite of mine. I find that whenever I am stressed, a good workout always makes me feel better. You get to blow off some steam and escape your problems for a brief yet blissful period of time. Also, I find that getting your mind off of your current issue for a little while actually helps you in solving it. If you’re someone who is not comfortable in a gym or public setting you can always go on YouTube and pick a workout routine of your choice or even just go exercises in your room.

Change your settings

For periods of extended stress where you are constantly finding it difficult to sleep at night changing your surroundings may be the key to a good nights sleep. Go on a mini-holiday; book a flight or drive to someplace cheap and stay in a hotel. Distance yourself from your problems and let yourself relax as you comfortably lie on your soft hotel duvet. Do things which make you happy and surround yourself with the people who care about you. Taking yourself out of your stressful everyday cycle will help in breaking you away from your negative mind-set, even if only temporarily.

Count your blessings

This is something my mother always says to me. Always look beneath you. When a person is on edge they often feel as if their entire life has gone to the dogs and no one has to deal with the same troubles as them. I can guarantee you that there are people out there who are forced to handle much worse situations. This isn’t meant to sound derogatory but it is a simple fact of life. Learn to be grateful for the simple things in life such as a bed to sleep on, a roof over your head, fresh food. There are millions of people in the world who have much less.