LuLitMi – The Limerick Spring

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When I first heard of the word LuLitMi I genuinely that it was a medical condition. To be honest, what really stuck out to me when I entered this forum was the noise. To any passer-by it sounded like normal chatter, but if you listened a little closer you could hear ideas being challenged and morals being questioned. If you listened a little closer you could hear nervous laughter bellowing from the students, vulnerable to the average bystander’s judgment. If you listened a little closer you could hear a new country being born. Not LuLitMi, but a new Ireland.

For me, going to this event made me contemplate the future of this country, not LuLitMi’s. These students, without realizing it, are the future and how they acted today demonstrated that. Sure, there was and will be some who don’t seem to care about it all. That’s normal and what you would expect, but then, there are those quiet ones. Not exactly what you expect, but are nonetheless silently working and hoping for a better tomorrow. It was those students who truly represented what LuLitMi/a new Ireland is. It’s a better tomorrow while learning from and embracing the mistakes of today.

The challenges that these students will face in this new Ireland or LuLitMi are summed up best by one student who said, “when you’re thrown a curveball, a real challenge, it makes you work that bit harder to achieve what you want.”

The posters took you on a journey through ‘a marketplace for ideas in democracy and administration’. Some were bursting with colours, almost begging you to get lost in their display, while others lacked any real vibrancy, practically forgettable. The posters weren’t simply just posters. Instead, they were just representative of their students. Some practical and straight to the point, others creative and overflowing with originality.

This marketplace was the very definition of a melting pot.



By Editor

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