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By Editor Sep 14, 2015

Toy Story 3


By Seamus Toomey


This is a list of films you have to have seen to attend college. I fully believe that these should be a requirement just to attend college.


They’ll benefit you socially as much as they will creatively or educationally, you see these are the films that if you haven’t seen, people will gasp in horror, they’ll question again and again: “how haven’t you seen it?”


If you wish to avoid people gasping in your face and questioning your taste in film this is your essential list.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind:

This is probably my personal favourite, it’s a wonderfully told story about a couple with problems, but with one vital twist. Within this film exists a corporation that can erase memories, so the question posed by the film is, would you erase your memory of an ex? If you’re having trouble getting over someone this becomes an absolute tearjerker but I would encourage you all the more to see. It’s a not quite rom-com but not sci-fi either. Regardless, it’s such an interesting story it transcends gender by being a lot more than just a chick flick and the questions it raises are intriguing and open to interpretation.


Fight Club:

I’m not supposed to talk about it…



Basic story is this kid doesn’t get into any of the colleges he has applied for. So naturally he sets up his own college, as you do. This would have been a great idea – if you’re reading this though you are the alternative to this movie, kid gets accepted to college, leads ordinary life. The end.  You wish your college was as cool as his. Well at least you’re in UL, we’re pretty cool. You could be worse off, you could be in LIT.


American Pie:

This is a little closer to the college experience you will have, not daily but you will have one weird experience like this during your time here.  For some people it will be yearly, for others it may be as often as once a month but I guarantee you will have one of these. If you haven’t seen American Pie I don’t believe you, there’s a plethora of them for all generations and they really are indicative of the idiotic things you will do in college.


The Hangover:

This is essentially your Friday morning, every week. Just toned down by about a billion percent. Still I encourage you to look to this as a survival guide, think of it as a Bear Grylls episode for college. Here you’ll learn tactics to remember, find lost goods/people and even how to deal with the law.


Mr. Nobody:

A wonderful movie for anyone to watch, but especially students who are for the first time in their lives making choices. And that is exactly what this movie is about, choices and how they will impact your life in the future. It follows a child and the decisions he makes at the ages 9, 15 and 34, and how these impact the rest of his life, which is at times quite short.


Pulp Fiction:

If you haven’t seen this movie and your friend has, your friend will scream at you in utter disbelief. It’s Tarantino’s masterpiece – a twisting story which moves around a lot. It’s got drugs, sex, katana swords and a great soundtrack. What more could you want? If you simply must refuse to watch this, please watch at least one Tarantino film. Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs, Inglorious Bastards or Django Unchained will all do.


Lord of the Rings Trilogy:

These are all wonderful films. I remember seeing them as a child and I’m sure you do too. Great fight scenes and a wonderful variety of creatures set this in stone as a masterpiece of imagination which even features its own language. If you still want more by the end you’re in luck, the Hobbit films which precede the LOTR trilogy features an equally amazing journey in the same universe.


Harry Potter Octalogy:

There’re eight of them, and again whether child or adult you’ll love these films. And you’re a college kid so you decide if you watch them with child like glee gazing at the magic and creatures or with a sober adulthood critiquing the special effects and plot devices. You’ll need to see these just because there are die hard potter fans out there who will stupefy you with endless reasons to watch the films.


Toy Story 3:

Warning, this will tug on your heart strings. I grew up with the first two as I’m sure you have and watching the third for the first time at the beginning of your college experience may make you shed a couple dozen tears. Andy will have reached the same age as you and the emotions seem raw – you’re leaving your old life, your childhood behind. I’m not tearing as I write this, not at all.


Good Will Hunting:

Robin Williams delivers a fantastic performance as is usual with him. With the strong, uplifting and motivational messages that make this film what it is and Williams’s recent passing you’ll see this film now with a weird new perspective. A good watch nonetheless.


Fast and Furious 7:

This is one of those movies you just need to see to stay topical and relevant this year. Car enthusiasts and, in general, guys have been brought to tears because of Paul Walker’s relationship with Vin Diesel outside and inside of the film and the sad true story of the actor’s death.



All of them…except Spiderman, even the Toby Maguire ones – they don’t matter. The marvel movies of late have become must-see and cinematic greats. One of their standout features is that they are interconnected and not just in a trivial way but instead in a vastly important way where characters appear in other films to help save the day. Once you watch one you’ll have to watch them all.



By Editor

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