Six Stages Of Having An Assignment Due Charity Week

By Editor Feb 28, 2017

As if it isn’t bad enough that you still have to attend classes during a week where sobriety doesn’t exist, there’s always that one lecturer that makes an assignment due during Charity Week.

1. You give up the weekend before Charity Week to complete your assignment – you’ve never been more determined to finish an essay



2. But of course, you’re a college student and your major isn’t in business but actually in Procrastination



3. Since you spent your week like this…



You look back on all of the work you did and realise…



4. Present-You hates Past-You for convincing yourself that you’ll produce quality work on Sunday by adapting this mindset:



5. When your mates remind you the consequences of not doing the assignment and you’re like…



6. Then you remember how your mam will react if she finds out you failed the assignment…





So you’d better stick that kettle on and get cracking. You can dream about the sesh and Tomova tomorrow!







By Editor

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