The Face that will Haunt you for Years


By Ciara Ferguson

Whether it’s for your new Facebook profile picture or your next Instagram post, taking pictures can be a very stressful experience. But nothing can be worse than taking a picture for an ID card.

You only get one shot at it and you’re going to have to use it for the next few years of your life.
An ID card that we all have is a student card. I feel like the picture-taking process should be explained very clearly to future first years, as I was not prepared.

1) You sit down
2) As you’re sitting down, the person taking the picture has already began the three second countdown to your doom
3) Your picture has been taken
4) You cry

After each card has been handed out to the individual, you can see the disgust on their faces as they discuss the fact that there wasn’t enough time to compose themselves before the picture. And that’s it. That’s the picture on your student ID card for the next four years of your life. Disappointing, right? Even if you lose or mysteriously misplace your card, they just replace it with the same picture again.

In conclusion, the picture that you take for your student card will haunt you for the rest of your university life.



By Editor

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