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Thoughts You Have When Staying In


By Aimee Wells

7 pm: Initial Decision

Your bank balance has betrayed you, there are no wedges left in the deli, and you’re just about ready to call this day quits. So while your friends head to Fine Wines to get prinks you head home and put on your pajama bottoms. Walking home, you’re confident you’ve made the right choice.

8 pm: Pure Bliss

By now you’re at home munching on some pasta or maybe even a Papa Johns. Netflix is on, your bed is calling, and all is right with the world. Everyone else is shuffling about trying to book taxis and wing their liner with a glass of Tomova and coke in hand… but you’re not about that life right now! You are happy and secure in the decision you have made.

9 pm: Temptation

You’ve finished another HIMYM episode, the pizza is cold, and the sesh is calling. Taxis to Angel Lane are coming in half an hour. You start wondering if you’ve made the right choice. You could throw on jeans and slap on a bit of makeup real quick, but is it worth it? Will you be ready before the crew leaves? Nah, it’s too late. You’re staying home.

10 pm: Regret

The FOMO is setting in, the Snap stories are endless, and you’re bored out of your mind. You think back to an hour ago when the opportunity to go out was still alive, and how foolish you were to choose otherwise. You could try to catch up on some reading, be productive, have something to show for your night in… no. That’s not happening. You’re going to wallow instead.

12 am: Your Night is Over

Everyone is still out, but you are just tired. You go to bed hoping you didn’t miss out on too many antics and swearing to yourself that you’ll never stay in again.

8:30 am: Life is Good

You wake up feeling fresh, healthy and ready for the day ahead. No sick stomach, the head is clear, and everything is right in the world. Your housemate is hugging the toilet, your friends are regretting all their life choices, and trying to scrape up the price of a chicken fillet roll. Thinking of the money and pain you’ve saved, a smile creeps onto your face.

Good Choice.