Top 10 Fresher’s Fashion Must Haves

By Editor Sep 30, 2016

This is to give you guys an idea of what I truly believe to be a first year’s guide to college attire. As I’m sure, just like I, your transition from scratchy school uniform to complete clothing freedom has not only been tricky but confusing. Well sit back, relax, and get your check list ready.

10. Jeans

However warm or cold the weather is, a comfortable pair of jeans will breeze you over from daytime lectures to night time sessions.


9. Raincoat

Both you and I know the Irish weather is not one to be gambled with. Take my advice and carry a raincoat EVERYWHERE you go. College requires a lot of walking and there’s no point missing out on the freshers madness because of a silly cold. God forbid you’d ruin the hair you spent all morning perfecting either.


8. Comfortable Shoes

Just like the jeans, comfortable shoes are mandatory to live a happy college life. I’m afraid to say that means no high heels or flipflops/fancy sandals. Unless you’re a fan of blisters that is…


7. Interesting Tees

Feeling a little lost and alone? Left your friends behind to venture off into the world of third level? Not sure how to get a conversation going? Sound familiar…? My number one tip for you is to get yourself a cool graphic/band tee. Nothing starts a conversation like it. Stuck for a tee? Try wearing your county jersey, now that’s a sure conversation starter.


6. Umbrella

Looking for popularity or just someone to talk to? Grab yourself an umbrella and you’ll be pick of the crop when it comes to walking home in the rain.


5. Skinny Pants

Whether you’re a fan or not, these tracksuits are the holy grail of college life. Sporty or not, these tracksuits will guarantee you four years of being as snug as a bug in a rug. Pair with Nike Roshes for added effect.


4. Schoolbag

I’m pretty sure it goes without saying but when it comes to college, nothing is more important than a schoolbag. With multiple uses, a schoolbag can easily go from carrying books and copies around campus to transporting evening refreshments to the gaff down the road.


3. Hoodies

Hoodies are essential to surviving life as a fresher. If it’s cold out, raining or you have a hangover, nothing will get you by like the reliable old hoodie.


2. Hats And Scarves

You may not need them now but come winter, when you’re broke as hell and it’s between food or warmth, you’ll thank me.


1. Underwear

Lads, I’m not even going to go there with this one. Just make sure they’re clean!



By Editor

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