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FEATURE: UL Postgraduate Students’ Union Elections

As another college year comes to a close, so erupts a plethora of student politics. This time the, often overlooked, University of Limerick Postgraduate Students’ Union are at the focal point. Nominations for the 2023/2024 sabbatical officer positions closed on May 25, with a number of students keenly interested in the positions advertised. Much like UL Student Life, the ULPSU …


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Irish housing crisis, Drake & Josh, and Long Song Titles. An interview with Dylan Flynn and the Dead Poets.

With stunningly relatable lyrics detailing issues such as the fear of losing someone, the Irish housing crisis, and mental health, with a sound unique to Limerick City, completely self-produced. The Limerick-based four-piece, Dylan Flynn and the Dead Poets, met while studying music technology at the Limerick Institute of Technology. When asked where Dylan Flynn first developed his own love of playing …


Profile – Paul Byrne

By Holly Kenny Paul Byrne, a first year student in Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) has been running a night called Riddim & Groove for the past two years with fellow classmates Teige Butler and Darren O’Carroll from Villiers Secondary School, who are both now second year students in LIT. The guys, similarly to most students loved their nights out. …


Interview with Jack Phelan – The new captain of the kayak club.

How long have you been Kayaking? I started in my first year so about 2 and a half years What is your favourite discipline in Kayaking? I’d be 50-50 between Whitewater and Freestyle which are also probably the two most practiced disciplines in ULKC What is your greatest achievement in kayaking? Getting my level 4 after less than a year …


Interview with Gavin Sheehan – The brave captain who led the kayak club to victory!

How long have you been Kayaking? Almost 4 years now. I started a year before college. What is your favorite discipline in Kayaking? We do almost all disciplines in ULKC so I’ve tried the majority of them. I do whitewater the most but slalom is definitely my favorite. I’d love to get more involved in it but there’s not much …


Interview: Former UL Student Fiona Coughlan May Have Retired From Her Rugby Career But Is Still Far From Relaxing

“I don’t think it is just good to stop people going down wrong paths; it is beneficial in every aspect of life.  As a society I don’t feel we truly value the impact that physical activity and sport can have on person’s life.”  Fiona Coghlan is a former student of P.E. and Maths teaching at the University of Limerick. She …