Interview with Jack Phelan – The new captain of the kayak club.

How long have you been Kayaking? I started in my first year so about 2 and a half years What is your favourite discipline in Kayaking? I’d be 50-50 between Whitewater and Freestyle which are also probably the two most practiced disciplines in ULKC What is your greatest achievement in kayaking? Getting my level 4 after less than a year …


Interview with Gavin Sheehan – The brave captain who led the kayak club to victory!

How long have you been Kayaking? Almost 4 years now. I started a year before college. What is your favorite discipline in Kayaking? We do almost all disciplines in ULKC so I’ve tried the majority of them. I do whitewater the most but slalom is definitely my favorite. I’d love to get more involved in it but there’s not much …