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By Editor Mar 29, 2014

UL is not exactly renowned for its fashion trends, but to be stylish going to college doesn’t take much. Here are 5 simple tips in how dress for the UL campus.

1. Ditch the Tracksuit
Most people with any sense of style are sick of seeing people wearing GAA tracksuit bottoms everywhere they go. We get it, you made your county’s minor team, but please take off the free gear they gave you! Nothing about a tracksuit is fashionable or attractive.

2. Dress Up
Make an effort coming to college. Nobody is expecting a three piece suit or floor length gown, smart casual is key here. Dressing appropriately exudes an air of confidence which in turn will be well reciprocated by lecturers, tutor and fellow peers. Making an effort coming to college is not too difficult. For a guy, try a pair of chinos or a slim fitted jeans pair of jeans with a nice shirt and cardigan, or a jumper and a pair of Converse and you’re well on your way. For the ladies, a pair of high waisted jeans and a shirt
always look nice.

3. Use Accessories
Accessories make an outfit! For girls, jewellery and bags are the most essential accessories for an outfit. Probably the most obvious and mandatory accessory for any college student is their school bag. Let your schoolbag symbolise your personality, and let the colour, design and style be more important than the function any day.

4. Don’t be Afraid to Experiment
College is used as the primary way to experiment with most things: education, alcohol, sex and sexuality, but why limit your experience? Experiment with your sense of style to embrace your personality.

5. Dress to Impress
College is a great spot to meet the love of your life, but that’s not going to happen if you’re in the Stables wearing last night’s jeans complete with beer stains, a top that your aunt bought you for your 15th birthday, and Asics trainers. Always be prepared, you never know who is going to sit beside you in your next lecture in the Kemmy.

By Mikie O’Loughlin




By Editor

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